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Superintendent Divisional Accounts Solved Paper Postcode-687 Part-1

Superintendent Divisional Accounts Solved Paper : Today I am sharing a solved paper of Superintendent divisional accounts Postcode-687  of HPSSSB Hamirpur.

1. Consumer Protection Act does not apply to

(A) LIC     

(B) Public Sector Bank

(C) Manufacturer

(D) Govt. Hospital

2. Rangarajan Committee, 1993 is associated with

(A) Privatization

(B) Labour Reforms

(C) Industrial Sickness

(D) Monetary Policy

3. Agmark is a certification of quality given to

(A) Capital goods

(B) Agricultural goods

(C) Commercial goods

(D) Industrial goods

4. Core sector in planning refers to

(A) Defence

(B) Agriculture

(C) Iron & Steel

(D) Select base industries

5. FICCI was founded by

(A) Tata & Birla

 (B) Birla and Thakurdass

(C) Birlas & Godrej

(D) Hindujas

6. FICCI was founded in the year

(A) 1927

(B) 1928

 (C) 1929

(D) 1930

7. The CII had brought out a consumer code outlining guidelines for manufacturers

and service companies in

(A) 1979

(B) 1989

(C) 1984

(D) 1994

8. The Tenth Five Year Plan proposed to achieve the growth rate of

(A) 7%

(B) 8%

(C) 9%

(D) 10%

9. LERMS stands for

(A) Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System

(B) Liberalised Economy Related Management System

(C) Liberalised Establishments Rate Management System

(D) None of these

10. Finance Commission is constituted for every

(A) Three years  

(B) Six years

(C) Four years

(D) Five years

11. Naik Committee was setup for

(A) SSI Restructuring

(B) SSI Technology Upgradation

(C) Both (A) & (B)

(D) SSI Financing

12. The Legislation dealing with black money is


(B) Money laundering

(C) Both (A) & (B)  

(D) None of these

13. Environment Protection Act was passed in

(A) 1985  

(B) 1984

(C) 1986

(D) 1987

14. ISO-9000 series of International Quality Standard were first published in

(A) 1990

(B) 1989

(C) 1988

(D) 1987

15. Turnover ratios give an idea about

(A) Sales

(B) Utilization of Assets

(C) Utilization of Stock

(D) Payment of Liability

16. Cheque received but not deposited on the same day is recorded in triple column

cash book in

(A) Cash  

(B) Bank

(C) Discount

(D) Both (A) & (B)

17. The requirements relating to the B/S of a company are given in

(A) Part I of Schedule V

(B) Part II of Schedule VI

(C) Part I of Schedule VI

(D) None of these

18. The reciprocal of price earning ratio is

(A) Earning yield ratio

 (B) Earning price ratio

(C) Earning per share  

(D) None of these

19. Sale of inventory on account will cause the inventory ratio to

(A) Be constant

(B) Increase

(C) Decrease

(D) Remained unchanged

Superintendent Divisional Accounts Solved Paper 2019

20. A and B are partners sharing profit in the ratio 7 : 3. C was admitted on 3/7

shares of profits. The new profit sharing ratio will be

(A) 14 : 6 : 15  

(B) 12 : 8 : 7

(C) 15 : 15 : 8

(D) 14 : 11 : 15

21. Zero based budgeting was introduced in U.S.A. by

(A) Jimmy Carter

(B) Ronald Reagon

(C) Richard Nixon

(D) Abraham Lincoln

22. A debt written off as bad on subsequent recovery would constitute a

(A) Loss

(B) Loss averted

(C) Profit (

D) Bonus

23. Cost reduction is achieved through

(A) Value analysis

(B) Inventory control

(C) Production, planning & Control

(D) All of these

24. Standard costing works on the principle of

(A) Cost

(B) Span of management

(C) Exception

(D) All of these

25. Which is the best form of Goodwill ?

(A) Rat Goodwill

(B) Cat Goodwill

(C) Rabbit Goodwill

(D) Dog Goodwill

26. Calculate total sales when

Cash Sales : ` 20,000, Cash Received from Debtors : ` 80,000, Discount Allowed :  4,000, Opening Balance of New Debtors : ` 24,000,   Closing Balance of Debtors : ` 6,000, B/R Accepted from Debtors : ` 6,000

(A)  84,000  

(B)  1,20,000

(C)  10,400

(D) 26,000

27. “Garner V/s. Murray” Rule is applicable in case of

(A) Admission of partner

(B) Death of partner

(C) Dissolution of firm

(D) Insolvency of the partner


28. Depreciation under the diminishing balance method on a machinery of ` 20,000 at the rate of 10% p.a., during three years will be

(A)  14,000

(B)  14,580

(C)  5,420

(D) None of these

29. The cost, volume and profit relationship is described by the equation Y = 30,000 + 0.7X, in which X is sale revenue and Y is total cost. The B.E.P. will be

(A) 10,00,000

(B) 12,00,000

(C) 9,00,000

(D) 8,00,000

30. Actual sales of a firm is Rs.120 lakh, variable cost amounts to Rs. 72 lakh. The

firm break evens at Rs, 90 lakh. The amount of profit is

(A) Rs. 9 lakh

(B) Rs.12 lakh

(C) Rs. 5 lakh

(D) Cannot be calculated.

31.Shareholder Funds/Total Assets*100 gives which ratio ?

(A) Liquidity

(B) Profitability

(C) Solvency  

(D) Operating

Directions (Q. 32 – 35) : Choose the answer based on the following information :

Stock of Raw Material = ` 10,000, Stock of Finished Goods = ` 20,000,

Cash = ` 80,000, S. Debtors = ` 20,000, B/R = ` 20,000, S. Creditors = ` 40,000,

Provision for Tax = ` 10,000, B/P = ` 60,000, Outstanding Expenses = ` 10,000

32. What is the amount of assets ?

(A) 1,00,000

(B) 8,00,000

(C)  1,50,000

(D)  6,00,000

33. What is the amount of current liability ?

(A) 1,00,000  

(B) 1,80,000

(C) 1,50,000

(D)  1,20,000

34. What is the amount of Quick Assets ?

(A) 1,00,000

(B) 1,80,000

(C) 1,50,000

(D) 1,20,000

35. What is the amount of Stock in Trade ?

(A) 30,000  

(B) 80,000

(C)  78,000

(D) 90,000

36. Fund means

(A) Current Assets

(B) Current Liability

(C) Working Capital

(D) None of these

37. The relationship between normal rate and P.E. Ratio is

(A) Inverse

(B) Direct

(C) Irregular

(D) None of these

38. A company is having 40,000 equity shares of ` 15 paid. If the dividend per share is ` 1 and expected rate of return is 12%, the market value of share will be

(A) 12

(B) 8.33

(C) 10

(D) 12.5

39. If the share of ` 10, on which ` 6 have been paid is forfeited it can be re-issued at a minimum price of

(A) 7

(B) 6


(D) 4

40. Realisation Account is which type of account ?

(A) Real

(B) Personal

(C) Nominal

(D) None of these

Superintendent Divisional Accounts Solved Paper 2019

41. X, Y, Z are partners in the ratio of 1/2, 2/5, 1/10. New ratio of Y and Z, if X retires will be

(A) 13 : 7

(B) 2 : 1

(C) 7 : 13

(D) 4 : 1

42. Unearned income account is

(A) Asset

(B) Liability

(C) Expense

(D) None of these

43. Which of the following always have a Debit Balance ?

(A) Bank Account

(B) Bill Receivable

(C) Bills Payable

(D) Loan Account

44. Depreciation is provided as per concept of

(A) Going concern

(B) Dual concept

(C) Entity concept

(D) Money measurement

45. Decrease in liability at the time of retirement is credited to

(A) Liability Account

(B) P & L (Adjustment A/c.)

(C) Realisation A/c.

(D) P & L A/c.

46. Which of the following is a period cost ?

(A) Variable cost

(B) Overhead cost

(C) Prime cost

(D) Fixed cost

47. The Reserve Bank of India is an example of a

(A) Registered company

(B) Statutory company

(C) Chartered company

(D) Unlimited company

48. Under which Section of the Companies Act, 2013 a private company can convert into public company ?

(A) 14

(B) 45

(C) 54

(D) 64

49. Accepting of deposits from public in case of private company is

(A) Prohibited

(B) Restricted

(C) Acceptable

(D) None of these

50. AGM should be held at

(A) Company

(B) Registered office

(C) Corporate office

(D) None of these

51. The underwriting commission paid or agreed to be paid must not exceed

(A) 2% of the issue price of shares 

(B) 2.5% of the issue price of shares

(C) 5% of the issue price of shares 

(D) 10% of the issue price of shares

52. Contingency school of management is

(A) Practice oriented 

(B) Principle oriented

(C) Result oriented 

(D) Profit & Loss oriented

53. Management by exception is to improve

(A) Control over personnel 

(B) Strategic management

(C) Steady flow of information 

(D) High morale

54. In management principle, grid refers to

(A) Diverse managerial styles 

(B) Co-ordination

(C) Communication 

(D) Motivation

55. “3-D” model of leadership is propounded by

(A) Likert Reinsis 

(B) Kurt Levis

(C) William Ridin 

(D) Henry Fayol

56. Paperless office calls for

(A) Minimum record keeping 

(B) Maximum use of telephones

(C) Maximum use of computers 

(D) Elimination of reporting

57. The purpose of supply chain management is

(A) Provide customer satisfaction

(B) Improve quality of a product

(C) Integrating supply and demand management

(D) Increase production

Superintendent Divisional Accounts Solved Paper 2019

58. VMI stands for

(A) Vendor Material Inventory 

(B) Vendor Managed Inventory

(C) Variable Material Inventory 

(D) Valuable Material Inventory

59. PL stands for

(A) Three Points Logistics 

(B) Third Party Logistics

(C) Three Point Location 

(D) None of these

60. Raw material and WIP can be classified under

(A) Indirect material 

(B) Direct material

(C) Finished material 

(D) Standard parts

61. Business cycle, price trends, national economy are

(A) Micro factors 

(B) Macro factors

(C) Controllable factors 

(D) None of these

62. A contract in which, under the terms of contract, nothing remains to be done by either party is known as

(A) Executed contract 

(B) Executory contract

(C) Unilateral contract 

(D) None of these

63. An implied contract is one which comes into existence on account of

(A) Conduct of parties

(B) Non-availability of a paper for writing

(C) Inability of parties to write or speak

(D) Direction given by court

64. According to enforceability, the contracts may be classified as

(A) Valid contracts 

(B) Void contracts

(C) Voidable contracts 

(D) All of these

65. All illegal agreements are void, but all void agreements are not illegal. This statement is

(A) True 

(B) Partly true 

(C) False 

(D) None of these

66. A appoints B as his agent, by way of a power of attorney. This is an example of

(A) Expressed contract 

(B) Implied contract

(C) Tacit contract 

(D) Unlawful contract

67. Which of the following is forbidden by law ?

(A) Valid contract 

(B) Illegal agreement

(C) Voidable contract 

(D) Unforceable contract

68. The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 contains

(A) 66 Sections 

(B) 68 Sections 

(C) 70 Sections 

(D) None of these

69. The voluntary transfer of possession from one person to another is called 

(A) Transfer 

(B) Change of possession

(C) Delivery 

(D) None of these

70. The President of the District forum is appointed as the _________ of the forum.

(A) Member 

(B) Chairman 

(C) State-member 

(D) Secretary

71. Person aggrieved by the order made by National Commission may appeal within

(A) 45 days 

(B) 35 days 

(C) 60 days 

(D) 30 days

72. Compute the mode value for

X : 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 165, 175, 155

F : 4, 2, 18, 22, 21, 19, 10, 3, 2

(A) 175 

(B) 125 

(C) 145 

(D) 165

73. The Standard Deviation for 15, 22, 27, 11, 9, 21, 14, 9 is

(A) 6.22 

(B) 6.12 

(C) 6.04 

(D) 6.32

74. The median of the data : 19, 25, 59, 48, 35, 31, 30, 32, 51 is 32. If 25 is replaced by 52, what will be the new median ?

(A) 35 

(B) 53 

(C) 43 

(D) 45

75. Probability of failure in Binomial Distribution is denoted by

(A) p = q + 1 

(B) p = q – 1 

(C) q = 1 + p 

(D) q = 1 – p

76. Which of the following is a positional average ?

(A) Mean 

(B) Median 

(C) Mode 

(D) None of these

77. Maximum value of correlation is

(A) 2 

(B) 1.5 

(C) 1 

(D) 0

78. Graph of variables having linear relations will be

(A) Curved 

(B) Hyperbola 

(C) Straight line 

(D) None of these

79. The files required to maintain general ledger records include

(A) Inventory file 

(B) Detail posting file

(C) Charts of account file 

(D) None of these

80. In a week the prices of a bag of rice were 350, 280, 340, 290, 320, 310, 300.

The range is

(A) 100 

(B) 60 

(C) 90 

(D) 70

81. In a distribution of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 the sum of deviation from X, will be

 (A) 15 

(B) 60 

(C) 0 

(D) 30

82. The sampling procedure in which an interviewer is asked to interview 25 teachers, 50 public servants and 25 farmers is called

(A) Stratified sampling 

(B) Accidental sampling

(C) Spatial sampling 

(D) Quota sampling

83. The best fitting trend is one for which the sum of squares of error is

(A) zero 

(B) minimum (least)

(C) maximum 

(D) None of these

84. Why do Sampling Errors occur ?

(A) Difference between sample and population

(B) Differences among sample themselves

(C) Choice of elements of sampling

(D) All of these

85. Analytical study of relationship between output commodity and its price is classified as

(A) Demand Analysis 

(B) Supply Analysis

(C) Imports Analysis 

(D) Export Analysis

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