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Solved Paper Sr. Assistant Accountant Postcode-513

Solved Paper Sr. Assistant Accountant Postcode-513 HPSSC Hamirpur : In this post we have share A solved paper of senior assistant accounts post code 513 of HPSSSB Hamirpur. This paper will help all of you for upcoming related exams. Also Read : Solved Paper Post Code-687

Solved Paper Sr. Assistant Accountant Postcode-513, 2017

Solved Paper Sr. Assistant Accountant Postcode-513

1. निम्न में से कौन सा भारत की राजकोषीय नीति का प्रमुख उद्देश्य नहीं है?

A रोजगार अवसर को बढ़ावा देना

B आय और संपत्ति में असमानता कम करना 

C  आय में स्थिरता को बढ़ावा देना

D आर्थिक व्यवस्था में तरलता को बढ़ाना

2. जो कंपनियां विविधता वाली चीज उत्पादित करती है और बेचती है वह सामान्य रूप से क्या पालन करती है?

A लागत प्लस प्राइसिंग

B सीमांत कीमत

C स्कीमिंग प्राइसिंग

D उत्पादन लाइन कीमत 

3.Which one of the following is not a method of studying Association of attributes?

A concurrent deviation method

B proportion method 

C Yule’s  method

D  Co-efficient of contingency

4. a set of data can be distinguished from other set of data by means of

A Central value and dispersion

B Central value, dispersion and skewness

C Central value, dispersion skewness, kurtosis

D none of these

5. The classical organisation theory treats organisation as an

A open system

B closed system

C technical system

D  macro system

6. Which of the following is not identified as an element of the Mega environment?

A technological factors

B Legal political situations

C socio-cultural  factors

D organisational culture

7. What does the term third sector refer to?

A The high Technology industries

B the service sector

C the voluntary section

D small and medium sized Enterprises

8. The competition which satisfy a particular category of Desire is called

A Brand competition 

B product from competition

C generic competition

D none of these

9.A Joint venture is always a type of

A strategic Alliance

B a distribution agreement

C e marketing agreement

D none of these

10. a significant reduction in aggregate economic activity is known as a

A budget deficit

B business cycle

C recession

D trough

11. Economic planning is an essential feature of

A capitalist economy

B socialist economy

C mixed economy

D dual  economy

12. FEMA Signifies

A free export management act

B foreign exchange management act

C foreign exchange monitoring act

D free export marketing act

13. forms of mixed economy consists of

A public sector

B private sector

C Co-operative sector

D all of these

14.  which of the following is not a part of machinery that settles Industrial disputes?

A wages court

B works committee

C conciliation officers

D Board of conciliation

15. CENVAT  is associated with

A direct tax

B income tax 

C indirect tax

D Service tax

16.National Stock Exchange of India certified by

A Finance ministry


C  Companies Act


17. the pre-liberalisation era of Indian economy was under grip of

A unemployment era

B under employment

C fiscal deficit

D unfavourable and alarming balance of payment

18.The term financial assets includes all of the following except-

A technical knowledge

B bank loan

C lease obligations

D shares, Bonds, and debentures

19.Asset which does not require provisions for depreciation?

A land

B leased assets

C live stock 

D loose tools

20. accommodation bills are generally for

A genuine trade reasons

B for mutual financial accommodation

C to help augment money supply

D all of these

21.Vertical analysis of financial statement is also known as

A dynamic analysis

B static analysis

C structural analysis

D both A and B 

22.  Noting charges are paid to the notary public by

A drawer of the bill

B endorser

C Bank

D all of these

23 .FIFO method is advisable during a period of

A rising prices

B falling prices

C constant  prices

D fluctuating prices

24. provision for discount on creditors will always show a Debit balance 

A True

B false

C incomplete statement

D none of these

25.Under sum of  Year digit method, depreciation year by year

A increase

B decrease

C remains constant

D none of these 

26. Which of the following is not a capital receipts?

A Receipt from sales 

B Fees Received for service

C interest on investment

D All of these

27. Net investment is equal to the 

A Saving

B Investment less saving

C Gross Investment minus depreciation

D Gross investment plus depreciation 

28.Where is the closing stock appearing in the trial balance is shown ?

A Trading A/c and Balance Sheets

B Balance Sheets

C Trading A/c

D Profit and Loss A/c

29. In the perpetual inventory system, stock taking is/are

A Periodical

B Continuous

C Both A and B

D None of these

30. Which method results in a lower valuation of inventory and lower income during a period of rising prices?

A Simple average 

B Weighted average 



31. According to AS-6 Depreciation Accounting, Issued by the ICAI change in the method is permitted

A Prospectively

B Retrospectively

C Negatively 

D All of these

32.Expenditure which result in an increase in the earning capacity of a  business is 

A Capital Expenditure

B Revenue Expenditure

C Deferred  Revenue Expenditure 

D All of these

33.In case of renewal of the bill, interest is calculated for the period of 

A Fresh Bill

B original bill

C Both A and B

D 3 Months

34. If there is an error in a nominal account it shall directly effect

A profit and loss A/c 

B Balance sheet

C Both A and B

D none of these

35. Which of the following is affected by improper valuation of inventory ?

A profitability

B financial position

C Both A and B

D Cash inflow

36. Accounting standards can override statute.

A True

B False

C incomplete statement

D none of these

37. Manish, an accountant has wrongly debited sales account by 200 rs. Instead of crediting it by rs. 200, what type of error it is?

A Error of omission

B Error of principle

C Error of recording 

D Error of posting

38. Which of the following accounting equations is not correct?

A Assets-Liability=Equity

B Assets-Equity=Liability

C Assets+Liability=Equity

D Liability+Equity=Assets

39. Which of the following statements is correct?

A Increase in liability are credits and decreases are debits.

B Increase in assets are credits and decrease are debits.

C increase in expenses are credit and decrease are debits.

D none of these.

40. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

A Dual aspect concept assumes an indefinite life of the equity.

B In Accounting accrual basis is used for recording of transaction

C Both A and B

D None of these

41.Which one of the following is not the tool of Management Accounting ?

A Standard costing

B budgetary control

C human resource accounting

D  decision accounting

Directions Q 42-47:  in the question given below are two statements  labelled assertion A and reason R. examine both the statements, carefully and select the answer of these items using the code given below:


A. both A and R are true  and R is the correct explanation of A 

B. both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation  of A

C. A Is true but R is false

D. A is false, but R it is true

42.  Assertion A :  accounting helps to provide information to the various parties

 Reason R :  accounting aims to meet the information needs of the decision makers..

Ans: B

43. Assertion A : accounting principles are static

Reason R: Accounting Principles do not ignore quantitative information.

Ans: C

44.Assertion A :  cost accounting helps the management in exercising control over cost.

 Reason R :  financial accounting helps in providing qualitative information.

Ans: D

45. Assertion A : Accounting Principles are not feasible.

Reason R : Accounting Principles can be applied without under complexity or cost.

Ans: A

46. Assertion A :conservatism is a policy of playing safe. 

Reason R : conservatism convention suggest early anticipation of losses.

Ans: C

47. Assertion A :Only cash transaction are recorded in the cash book.

Reason R : cash book is book of primary entry.

Ans: C

48.Goodwill brought in by new partner in cash is called

A capital

B loan

C drawing

D premium

49. what type of account is is revaluation account?

A personal account

B nominal account

C real account

D none of these

50. the intern relation of the partners between themselves is that of

A family friends

B business Associates

C  agents of each other

D close relatives

51.Capital gearing ratio denotes the relationship between

A debentures and share capital

B Assets and capital

C loan and capital

D equity shareholders fund and long term borrowed funds

52. the discount allowed on reissue of forfeited share is debited to

A share capital account

B profit and loss account

C capital Redemption reserve account

D Forfeited share account

53. A company can redeem preference shares

A at par

B at premium

C out of free reserves

D all of these

54. Why is the cash budget prepared?

A it helps in cash management

B it helps in preparing balance sheets

C it is legally compulsory

B both A and B

55. sale of investment in marketable securities means

A a source of funds

B an application of funds

C no flow of funds

D none of these

56. an examination of of the sources and uses of funds is a part of

A fund flow analysis

B forecasting technique

C ratio analysis

D calculation for preparing the balance sheet

57. What does financial leverage means?

A high degree of solvency

B use of more debt capital to increase profit

C low Bank Finance

D none of these

58. Which budget is prepared first of all?

A cash budget

B master budget

C Budget for the key factor

D flexible budget

59. What does a low stock turnover indicate?

A managerial efficiency

B solvency

C over investment in stock

D all of these

60. in proper capital budgeting analysis we evaluate incremental

A cash flow

B accounting income

C earnings

D operating profit

61. Prime cost plus factory overhead cost is

A Conversion cost

B production cost

C total cost

D cost of goods sold

62. what is not included in quick assets?

A  cash

B inventory

C gold

D advance for supply of raw materials

63. price earning ratio is useful to whom?

A short term creditors

B long-term creditors

C shareholders

D both A  and B

64. responsibility accounting is a technique of

A planning

B cost control 

C planning and cost control

D none of these

65. fund flow refers to change in

A application

B source

C both A and B

D Working capital

66. the concept of budget that require all level to work from scratch is

A  flexible budget

B Total budget

C master budget

D  zero base budget

67. in the context of standard costing, Basic standard is established for

A short period

B current period

C indefinite period

D pre defined period

68. demand for luxury goods is

A elastic

B inelastic

C infinity

D none of these

69. goods which are paradoxical to the law of demand are

A giffen good

B substitute goods

C complementary goods

D none of these

70. for inferior commodities, income effect is

A zero

B negative

C infinite

D positive 

71.Utility means

A power to satisfy a want

B usefulness

C willingness of a person

D harmfulness

72. free entry and exit of firms is the  feature

A monopoly

B oligopoly

C perfect competition

D monopolistic competition

73. all the following curves are U  shaped except

A AVC curve

B AFC  curve

C AC  curve

D MC curve

74. A graph of  cumulative Frequency distribution is called

A ogive

B Frequency polygon

C pie diagram

D histogram

75. schedules help us in collecting

A primary data

B secondary data

C qualitative data

D none of  these

76. chunk sampling is also known as

A quota sampling

B convenience sampling

C judgement sampling

D cluster sampling

77. which of the following is not a mathematical average?

A median

B arithmetic mean

C Geometric mean

D harmonic mean

78. F- test is a

A variance test

B probability test

C factor test

D none of these

79. Which of the following is a database management system?

A MS Access

B MS Excel

C MS Outlook

D none of these

80. the first electronic computer was developed in?

A 1920

B 1930

C 1935

D 1940

81. management includes

A production

B marketing

C auditing

D co-ordination

82. which of the following is not a part of strategic planning?

A objectives

B social responsibility

C purposes and mission

D choice of business

83. Need  hierarchy theory of motivation was given by ?

A F Herzberg

B Peter F drucker

C A.H maslow

D W.G  Scott

84. leadership is the part of

a planning

b organising

c directing

d  staffing

85. marketing is

A qualitative process

B logical process

C mathematical process

D managerial process

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